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Eleanora Amendolara

Eleanora Amendolara is a master healer and teacher who helps people rediscover the internal sense of balance that enables them to find harmony in all relationships: with the self, others, and the environment as a whole.  Her work is directed by the needs of her clients; she evaluates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each individual and helps to direct the energy that will facilitate healing.  The focus may be on physical concerns, including the alleviation of stress and pain, the evaluation and relief of allergies, and detoxification of the body.  Other sessions might concentrate on psychological and spiritual aspects, freeing people from limiting beliefs and encouraging them to manifest their hearts’ desires.  Students and clients have often said that Eleanora is "one in a million."

EleanoraEleanora has studied with healers, herbalists, anthropologists, physicists, mystics, as well as with the peoples of ancient indigenous cultures on four continents.  In addition, she is one of the leading Health Kinesiology (HK) trainers in the field.  Her expertise with HK bio-energetic muscle testing is applied to gain information from the body to help detect problems and determine solutions that will enhance one’s health and overall well-being.

A pioneer of unique healing modalities, Eleanora has developed a number of innovative techniques including her system "The Twelve Keys to Wholeness."  The twelve sacred Andean Chumpi stones are used to promote individual and planetary healing by helping to resolve conflicts, revitalize chakras, release unwanted patterns, and reconnect to the pure self.  She has also formulated the Andean Water Essences.  These vibrational waters have been collected from sacred sites around Peru and have been crafted to support individuals in the journey to embody an expanding consciousness.

In 2007, Eleanora founded the Sacred Center School for the Healing Arts.  Students new to energy healing as well as those who want to enhance existing professional expertise attend the school in order to master practical and transformational skills.  They complete the program with certification as healing arts practitioners, but also emerge having undergone a profound personal evolution.

In service to her students and clients, Eleanora awakens their innate ability to become lifelong healers for themselves and others.




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